Banana Walnut Bread


Waste.   I really want to be conscious of how much we produce this year. I want creative recycling and upcycling to be part of our business future.  Good morning 2016!

Every little helps so lets begin small with those overripe bananas sitting on top of the fridge.

Bananas don’t usually rank highly on the {auntie dotes} fruitometer.  They are a functional fruit for energy when its most needed.  Not loved so much as appreciated.

But no-one likes black, bruised, squishy bananas, do they?

Sometimes a bake can be so much greater than the sum of its individual parts.  4 uneaten bananas make for a moist and tasty loaf cake.  Add leftover Christmas nuts to the mix and you’re beginning to produce something you could really get interested in.  Cake with one of your five a day? Happy New Year to that we say.

Find the recipe here