Festive favourites

Save Tink

Since she was small Lil’ D has loved bath time – it’s been a place to experiment with bubbles, create volcanoes and tornadoes, squirt any nearby adult and generally have fun.  She loves it.  We love how much she giggles and sings her way through a bath, no matter how cold the water gets.  She only has a shower at home, so indulging her love of a bath in nanny’s house is a small but rewarding part of bed time.

Every time we go out with her we search for bath bombs.  Every Christmas, every birthday bathing is featured prominently.  Sometimes we think Lil’ D would spend whole days in the bath quite happily!

Now recently we realised that the toys she had when she was little had been disappearing into the big toy box in the sky (bin), so maybe it was time for a new one.

Look at what she got!! ⇒Save Tink

How awesome is Tinkerbell.  How great is the fact that you can put a doll in the bath without fearing that she’ll be ruined forever.  Is that just us?

Tink has been terribly mistreated since she joined bath time, but she’s holding up well.  She gets her wings ripped off, shoes removed, even her sweet little bath puff tutu ends up in odd places, all of them forced to perform death-defying dives from the high board.  Thank goodness she’s a very capable fairy.  Gotta love the dotes imagination.