Merry Kitchmas

All things merry and bright!

50+ pompoms for the prettiest darn Christmas wreath imaginable.

Pompom wall art


Still love pompoms.

These little balls of joy are getting trimmed and then going up on my wall.

Love the cozy texture and colour they give a room.

Plus making them added thousands of extra steps to my fitbit total (^-^)

Pom Pom Planets

The planets have aligned. Pom poms meet science!

I cannot begin to tell you how satisfying it is to create a solar system in a morning (^-^) The rings of Saturn, the eye of Jupiter, whether or not to include Pluto – the megalomaniac in me is pleased.

These little cuties will make a gorgeous mobile for some budding scientist. They’re out of this world ☄

Hop hop hooray


Easter baskets underway! We’re really hoppy with how they’re coming along.  A cute mix of handmade and shop bought bunniness 🐣

This year we’ve gone for pompom chicks and bunnies, crocheted carrots, some egg shaped crayons and of course plenty of chocolate ♥

Some bunny loves Easter madness (^-^)

PomPom Chicks

As you can see we’re still obsessed with pompoms (^-^) In fact we’re pretty sure everything will make a super cute pompom.

These Easter chicks also happen to be super easy. One pom, a couple of eyes and a little felt. Cuuuuuuute!

And to think, we weren’t even going to do Easter! Cheep cheep 🐣