Camp Dote

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Cheep cheep farm

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Everyone needs a chick farm this Easter! Oats form the base with Imperial Mints as little eggs and some marbles for a pond.  Easy peasy and super cuuuute!

Let the shenanigans begin 🐤

Playing by the rules

When it’s a rainy afternoon and you’ve watched one too many episodes of Scooby-doo, why not break out the playing cards, gather in the troops and play Jack Changes?  It’s what we do when Lil’ D comes to stay, and we aunties quite enjoy the challenge of remembering all the rules and trying to beat the already remarkable skills of a 7 year old!  Perhaps her daddy’s insistence that she learn to play without help will create a master card player…

You will need:

Jack changes

Domo-kun Japanese playing cards

one pack of playing cards- these are ours →

3 players + (it can be played with 2 but it becomes predictable)

Each player is given 7 cards and the rest are placed in the centre of the table, the top card is turned over beside the pile.

The idea is to get rid of all your cards and you can only put down a card if it is the same suit or value.  You must pick up a card if you can’t put one down.  Easy right? Continue reading