The Three Ninja Pigs


Are you ready for the three ninja pigs?

An adventure that brings the three little pigs into the path of the Big Bad Wolf, and it seems that each encounter (in Granny’s house, huffing and puffing, Cinderella’s shop) gets the three ninja pigs into more trouble than the Wolf.

But these aren’t our ordinary three little pigs, no way.  A ninja always has a cunning trick.  Maybe the wolf will get his comeuppance…

Fun little picture book, with entertaining illustrations.

Back to school… again

Last March, to my surprise and delight, I stumbled across the job of my dreams.

❤ Library assistant ❤

If someone had said to me years ago when I was choosing my future path that I should be a librarian, I’m inclined to think I would have agreed.  I definitely have the key traits: a love of reading, an enjoyment of quiet and my own working date stamp (thanks Bear).

Date stampBut they didn’t, so I skipped from job to job, enrolling on course after course (how many letters does an auntie need after her name?) in the quest to find the job.

So what do I do now I’ve got it?

Back to School
Enroll in a new course, of course.

Man, I seem to have an addiction.

*super-excited to get started*

The {Wee Dotes} Postal Book Swap

Book Swap

Read all about it – our newest little venture is a book exchange 📖 And we’re very excited.  It blends two of our favourite things. Libraries and post! Eims is a total bibliophile and I’m an enthusiastic pen pal. If ever an idea seemed fated, this is it (^-^)

With Book Club well underway it’s become more and more apparent that with kids books we tend to read them once and put them on the shelf. Especially picture books.  It suddenly struck us as only sensible to pass on our favourites to other families, and spread the joy. Eureka💡

Right now we’re playing with the logistics and packaging.  Happy hours spent on designing some postable extras.  Can’t wait to see the results.

We love the thought of sending books to our friends and family who can then pass them on to others.  Who knows where they will end up! Here’s hoping some preloved stories make their way back to us too.   Fingers crossed for some postal surprises ✉


June Book Club

I said a “Fee” and a “Fi” and a “Fo” and a “Fum” we’re about to review The Giant of Jum (by Elii Woollard and Benji Davies).

The Giant of Jum

About a month ago, Bear found a story in the Guardian telling her how to draw a Giant. 

It turned out not only were the instructions easily followed, the illustrator had been part of the team who wrote this book.

We admit, both us read this one to ourselves and thought, well that was quite sweet, but maybe the rhymes are a bit clunky? The pictures are good though- we specially appreciated the dog who seems to be appearing in all kinds of strange places.

Then we had a dote to read to.  AND oh my, suddenly it makes sense- you read it like a giant would, so that when he talks about eating children, the little one’s shudder in fright.  (Well Lil’ D is quite the actress).  And when the little boy reveals his identity (won’t spoil it) there’s a moment when this could get dark.  It doesn’t, by the way…

Definitely a read out loud kind of book.