Goomba takeover

GoombaThe now familiar mantra of ‘Will (or wool) it crochet?’ has been applied to all things in the auntiedotes household.  Including birthday partys.

With a big one coming up for D’Daddy, I decided to search for an appropriate crochet addition to the festivities.  The theme of the party? The 80s, in particular growing up in the 80s.  So the internet led me down the slippery slope of mario based stuffed toys…

I can’t really say why the goomba- an often seen Mario character, but really the lowest of Bowser’s underlings- appealed, but it did.  And so I dedicated a Sunday or four to the production of this little family of goombas. The pattern is easy to follow so that even someone as new to crochet as me can do it. The fact that they all came out different sizes is definitely my fault rather than the pattern.

Now…question is, what does one do with a family of goombas after this party??