Snack Packing

Oh the fear.  Low blood sugar related grumpiness. A tired dote who doesn’t want to go any further.  Being out of time or out of options to stop and eat or worse still, unfamiliar “gross” food. With an early start, a bus trip, an airport wait, a flight and then a train ride the opportunities for frustrations, fatigue, hunger and grumpiness are many and varied. Hopefully, with a bit of planning we can lessen these odds.

We know from experience English breakfast tea is in short supply when in Copenhagen so that’s a definite packing must.  We also like to travel with extended snackage, i.e. not just for the flight, so further thought is required.  Making sure we start with familiar food when we arrive is also high on our list of to-dos.  Breakfast is included at the hotel so we will start our days well but out and about the whims of a dote need to be curtailed.

Research, research, research.  It seems like a constant task since we started on this path and internet, you have been less than helpful.  When you google travel snacks, or snack packs it’s the same list of 10 foods that seem a bit of a stretch for dote purposes.  True we want our snacks to be energy fueled, sustaining and generally not sweets.  Sugar rushes won’t make the days easier. But I can’t see me packing peanut butter and hummus.  We are trying to travel light here.

Ziplock bags. That’s what I foresee.  Cheerios, popcorn, grapes, raisins, cereal bars, yoghurt covered cranberries and Lil D’s favourite, chewing gum. D’ya think we have enough?

Snackage(And will they last til departure?)