Craft of the Month Club


We’re the first to admit that it’s been a while. It’s been surprisingly hard to break our pompom addiction but we’re back on track with a little foray into perler beads.

Armed with some beads, a pegboard, an iron and some last minute grease-proof paper, I sat down to play. It’s fair to say I had a ball!

Cutie Mark

Cutie markI have disobeyed a direct order.  I went ahead and made Lil C a cutie mark.  I fear the fallout.

First up she’s very likely to notice that it’s Applejack’s cutie mark.  Not a problem in itself,  Applejack is a favoured pony – but Applejack ain’t a purple pony. Herein lies my problem.  Inaccuracy with Lil C, is inexcusable.

Plus the fact she took time out to clearly explain to me that humans cannot have cutie marks.  I’m not sure I’ll be forgiven.

In my defense, I have an uncontrollable felt addiction. I was cutting out apple patches before I even knew what I was going to do with them. I had to actively search for a purpose for them once I’d started.  Twas a small miracle that I found this old dress-up skirt to sew them to.  And then there’s the fact that it turned out so darn cute! Just look↑

How best to deal with this? Confess my sins to Lil C directly or let her find out on her own? Hmmm.  I don’t think I’ll be seeing her this week. Good luck explaining things, Nanny!

Pony Poses

It’s Lil Comedian’s turn to get one of her beloved ponies on the wall.

The photo shoot went fantastically well. Applejack was a true professional, even came prepared with accessories.  Feeling pleased I suggested I could make Lil C her own cutie mark but was shot down in no uncertain terms.  Humans do not have cutie marks. Ouch! Lesson learned.

(But I may have to make her one anyway)