Portstewart, NI

Ice Cream Taste test

Lil D has a love, nay obsession, with ice cream.  It is her reward of choice, and given that she has been spending her summer reading, spelling and having random maths challenges thrown at her, she deserves to know that she will get her reward.

This past week, Bear and Lil D have had a super busy week.  Morning routine consists of reading and spelling games, a little money based snap and a discussion of today’s independent project. It’s been a lot of work for both of them, so before they started they sat down and discussed the rewards.  Gain all the stars on her chart and Lil D could pick her reward.  Ice cream was a no-brainer.

Little did I know that when I returned from a week away at work I too would be included in this wondrous reward: a blind fold ice cream taste test!  Oh joy of joys!! Let me take this moment to recommend this for a general Friday evening activity.

Ice creamAll week the two schemers had been gathering a variety of ice cream flavours (though they struggled to find a really off putting flavour…ah well), then Lil D waited patiently for me to eat dinner so the fun could begin!

(I made the mistake of teasing that we could do it another day…and was rewarded with angry tears that very nearly threatened the whole project.  Moral of that story, do not tease a 7 year old about ice cream).

Having Auntie Eims blindfolded and clueless was a big thrill for Lil D, and she somehow kept forgetting that she was in competition with me to guess the flavour, so had to keep her blindfold on.  It didn’t matter, she had a great time, peeking to see what was coming, pretending she didn’t know, then actually analysing the flavours.  We agreed that a surprising number tasted of vanilla (big brands, hmm), but the fact that I struggled much more than Lil D caused much hilarity!

Really the joy of indulging in a little game of blind taste testing is not that much of an effort to set up, but the rewards of this particular reward are worth a week of hard reading and learning, and even a week of grown up work!

Sports Day

Sports Day 002It was Lil’ D’s sports day last week, and I jumped at the chance to cheer on our Lil’ Champ. Expectations were high, thanks to reports from the practice field and the day got off to a good start: rain free!

Having arrived with Lil’ D’s daddy, things looked good as she registered that one of her aunties was present.   A loud exclamation to her friends reverberated across the field- it’s my auntie! Cue everyone turning to see said auntie.  I love surprising her, though it’s ridiculously hard to do, as she will often claim she knew already… psychic dote? Continue reading