Bean boozled

Lil D is a big fan of these two youtubers.  For months now she has craved the jeopardy of not knowing whether the jelly bean she’s about to eat is lovely lime or lacklustre lawn clippings; perfect peach or vile vomit.

She’s absolutely on her own in this desire.

But with D Daddy’s birthday on the way, Lil D convinced her mummy that it would be an hilarious addition to the celebration.

Hee. She was right.

The parcel was delivered with giggles, perhaps tipping D Daddy off that something was on the way, but he didn’t flinch.  Well not at that point.

Lil GN stepped up to take part (but wisely backed down after a chorus of doom filled warnings) Lil C knew immediately that a pack of sweets that may taste like snot were not for her.  Lil D looked round for more players  (D Daddy had no choice)…and found Bear (who had spent the weekend before adamantly declaring she would only risk the blueberry/toothpaste option.  Oh Bear, how naive you were.

And so the fun began (there is video evidence somewhere).  The first few seemed to go down surprisingly well.  The audience hid their disappointment.  Lil GN and Lil C began to think they could get involved.

Then, it struck!! whether it was vomit or snot we will have to ask Bear, all we know is it was hilarious!  The faces pulled got worse and worse.

Yet, through it all, Lil C got the nice version of every sweet.  I wonder if all that watching of Mo and Ro gave her some tips.

I probably shouldn’t enjoy it too much though, there’s another box ready for Christmas…