Gingerbread is our nemesis.

Last year we handmade everything.  Panels, icing, the lot.  We were so sure we’d be awesome gingerbread housers. Oh the frustration.  Why doesn’t it stick together right? Why won’t the walls stay up? There’s no way a roof can stay on without walls up properly.

If it wasn’t for the fact that we completely enjoyed our haunted dilapidated cathedral complete with jelly baby ravers we would have written the exercise off as a failure. And that’s always hard to do.



This year we thought we’d found the answer.

How could you go wrong with a gingerbread house kit?

Look how happy those gingerbread kids are.



So at 9:30am Lil D and I cleared the kitchen table and got stuck in.

Sure some of the sweeties looked like plastic but all the walls were there and the gingerbread kids were definitely smiling at us.

Erm why are the foundations that were so handily provided bigger than our walls? Why is the icing so tough to pipe? Memories of last year come flooding back.  Bah humbug gingy.  Why can’t we master you?

We battled through, both telling onlookers that they shouldn’t expect much, that it wasn’t going well.  We packed the foundations with icing and held on tight as we lowered the roof and hoped. 15 minutes later we came back to decorate, unsure it would even still be standing.

Surprisingly it was.  And oh how the decorating made up for the construction woes.

Lil D wanted to follow the box so I piped and she embellished.  Not quite as satisfying as making mini elf doughnuts but pretty good.  Plus Short Circuit was on in the background and the way it drew Lil D in was amusing all by itself.

When we stood back to view our creation we had to admit it was pretty awesome.

Still I felt compelled to promise Lil D that I’d spend the year practicing gingerbread to get it right for this time next year.

Then again, these ninjabread men seem much more fun.