Begone, reluctant reader (oh, not you)

In an all fronts attack, books have been purchased.

No child left behind.  Read, you must!

With suggestions from the Book Trust,The Guardian Children’s book site and our very own librarian auntie we’ve come up with a book list to try and catch our dote’s imagination and inspire her confidence.

Rainbow Magic FairiesFirst up, Rainbow Magic Pop star Fairies.  Part of a huge collection of Rainbow Magic Fairies by Daisy Meadows. Lil D was delighted with our in-house fairy and music is her thing, so Pop stars+Fairies=Success?

Initial excitement waned a little when we suggested she should read the books to us.  Chapter book fear remains intact so whilst we concentrate on song lyrics, more books are being added to baskets.

Horrid Henry

Next comes Horrid Henry, a Pound Shop find that seems very gentle.  But will it be girly enough? I’ll send it to D-Daddy for appraisal. A little more post won’t hurt.

Reading with Phonics

And now my favourites have arrived. Lil D can be a little sketchy on her phonics. New words can flummox her and she doesn’t know where to start but with these fabulous fairy tales key sounds are practiced and reinforced with rhyming words. Plus they are Cuuuute.

One in particular will also be good for our upcoming trip to Copenhagen. (^_^)


Fairy home improvements

Since Pixie signed her lease agreement she seems to have set to work on making our house her home.

She has shown her taste to be quite eclectic.

Maybe we should have expected the princess tower.  Fairy tales and all that.  But the cupcake was quite out of the blue (^-^) Admirable knowledge of who she’s living with though.

Having removable backdrops for the door keeps all the dotes engaged. Or at least that’s the theory.  Really the fairy thing just got us scarily inspired. Can’t guarantee we’re done here yet (^-^) Also got to plait some Rapunzel hair – can’t say I didn’t enjoy that.

Away with the Fairies

What a weekend! Truly you cannot predict just how far wee ones will run with an idea.

This was certainly true of Lil D and the introduction of fairies into our lives.

Last week I came across the most amazing company in the world, ever.  It’s the Irish Fairy Door Company and it does exactly what you think they do. They send fairy doors to homes to encourage fairies to move in with humans.  Lease agreement pending.

You gotta love the internet. You start researching a kid-friendly trip to Dublin and you end up finding unexpected gems like this.

Anyway I was immediately hooked.  Order away.Irish Fairy door

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