Carrot cake disappointment

Lil GN loves his carrot cake, so I promised him I would make him one, free from those bits he just doesn’t appreciate (raisins and walnuts).  He’s a definite carrot fan.

So nanny was sent for the ingredients and a Sunday morning was set aside for the masterpiece. In fact, instead of a normal old carrot cake,  why not a traybake I thought?

I dug out another Hummingbird bakery recipe and got started.  And that’s when it started going wrong…

Carrot cakeNo brown sugar? Ah well caster would do as well.

No baking powder and bicarbonate of soda? Well I can use self-raising flour.

Sure it looked awfully pale and thin going to the oven but sure it would change as it baked.
Or not…

I don’t think I can bear to have Lil GN try these.  I don’t think he’ll be kind. Maybe I’ll just pretend I forgot….

Straw Jelly Worms

Pinterest makes everything look so achievable.

Halloween worms? Yes, please.

Except the details are hazy. How hard could it be? Just jelly and straws, right?

We tried, we added YouTube to our knowledge fountain and still we ended with a bowl of malformed red wriggles. More boohoo than boo. At least Lil D enjoyed squirting them out of the straws.

Better luck next time Pinterest.