Merry Kitchmas

All things merry and bright!

50+ pompoms for the prettiest darn Christmas wreath imaginable.

Pompom wall art


Still love pompoms.

These little balls of joy are getting trimmed and then going up on my wall.

Love the cozy texture and colour they give a room.

Plus making them added thousands of extra steps to my fitbit total (^-^)

Glitter shapes

Glitter shapeWe saw this make in a Rainbow Fairies magazine and immediately wanted to try it. What wonderful Christmas decorations we could make this year, we mused.

PVA glue, cookie cutters and sparkles.  How much easier (or fabulous) could it get?

Set your cookie cutter on some baking paper, pour in some pva glue and top with glitter and beads.  Let it dry overnight and voila – a pretty glitter shape.

Except, one week later and our pva has still not set, our shape cannot be extracted from its cutter.  Disaster.  Was it our glue? Will there be a second attempt? Too sad right now to tell (>.<)


Tutu much

This year we’re having an 80s Katy Perry Halloween.

California gurls and Roar are  heavily featured – along with tutus and neon.

Maybe not so scary but wait til we start singing  🎶 Bwahahahaha