This weekend we squeezed in a lot.

Not only was it nanny’s birthday but we also ended up doing an awesome crisp taste challenge and even found the most amazing candy sushi in the world but moment of the weekend has to go to Lil D doing the Gummy Bear Dance. Adorable and hilarious.

We’re sure to be singing this all week ⇑

The Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping BeautyTickets

Lil D is a dancer.  She loves to dance to anything with a fast beat (especially Billy Joel), can’t resist the glitz of Strictly and has even taught herself to Irish dance by watching Youtube videos!

We’ve been waiting patiently for the day when we could bring her to her first ballet. Waiting, so she was old enough to know not to talk loudly through the performance, but still young enough that the thrill of staying up late was new and exciting! Lil D’s mama came too, so we all got to make memories (and share responsibility for an exhausted child in school the next day!)

We dressed in pretty dresses, had a pleasant dinner in Pizza Express (though it was a bit slow to get to the table) and made our way to see The Sleeping Beauty.  The only cloud on the horizon- would our Lil D becoming a Sleeping Beauty before the show was done? A 9.30pm finish on a school night…eek, but school isn’t the only form of education!

And the show was charming.  The Sleeping Beauty is a good entry level for kids. They know the story so don’t feel lost among all the dancing. We were pleased to see several other little ones at the performance enjoying themselves.  In fact, it may have been the adults who were tempted to be less well behaved (in our party at least).  The fairy Carabosse was played like a panto dame, and the temptation to boo was strong.

Interval reaction was good.  Lil D decided she would like to be the queen, because she doesn’t do much, and the king was a bit dramatic (‘a drama king’ in her own words). The second act produced some audible sighs from Lil D as the combination of the late night and the seemingly interminable solos from the Bluebird dancer pushed her (and us) close to breaking.  But she didn’t, and a few ballet twirls in the lobby woke her up for the walk to the car.

Ah Sleeping Beauty, what a lovely evening we had.

A 7 Year old’s guide to Saturday night TV

It’s Strictly time again, and Lil D’ has a few helpful hints to make it through the long hours.

  1. Get comfortable- kick off those shoes, you will be up and dancing soon, or if it has been a long day curl up on the sofa and have nanny drape a blanket over you.  Ice cream (if you haven’t had already)
  2. Choose your judge- Lil D is Darcy (obviously!) and it’s between Nanny, Bear and I to fight it out who gets to be Len, Bruno and Craig. Prepare your character.
  3. Settle in- there will be talking, not just dancing.  Sitting on top of an auntie is always a good way to pass this time.
  4. Watch the dancing- are they good? but more importantly can you dance like that too.  Pull an auntie on to the dance floor and find out.
  5. Allow aunties to rest after a Latin dance.
  6. Predict the scores- you are a judge after all! Remember to celebrate when you match your TV judge.
  7. Tell nanny you are hungry. It is a long show, and there are bound to be sweeties in the house somewhere.
  8. Decide if the best couple are on top. Discuss who should go home.
  9. Sleep.

(This formula also works with The Voice, though instead of dancing you will need to turn around in your chair if you like the singer)