How to pass an hour or three, crochet style

Sometimes, when sitting, it’s good to have a hobby.

That’s my theory anyway.  Thanks to the internet and to the wide variety of occasions covered by pinterest, I’ve managed to create some cute little pieces to adorn our home.

Bear requested a voodoo doll (for halloween I’m assuming) and the daisies for a supercalifragilistic costume (my very own pattern on this one…look at me getting all fancy with my crochet), Lil D inspired the mermaid (Mollie Makes pattern), the donut is all me, and the flowers are for a special occasion in the not too distant future for a good friend.

I’m open for suggestions on what comes next.  I’ve plenty of Christmas ideas, but not quite mentally prepared to start that count down.

Daisy crochet pattern (it worked for me, but I’m not an expert at patterns, I hope it makes sense to others!)

In yellow wool:

Chain 4 and slip stitch into the 1st chain to create a ring

Chain 2

Half treble crochet into the ring, 7 times

Slip stitch in the starting 2 chain, and fasten off

In white wool:

*Chain 5 in an outer stitch on yellow ring

Double crochet in 2nd stitch from needle

half treble crochet in 3rd stitch from needle

treble crochet in next 2 chain stitches

slip stitch into original stitch

slip stitch into next stitch on ring

repeat from * until you have filled the ring with petals


Watermelon Coasters

IMG_4063Spring time, healthy eating, brighter days, watermelon coasters… They all go together in auntiedotes world.

Bear spotted these on pinterest, and having brought them to my attention how could I not give them a go?  An hour per coaster later and no glass need ever sit on the table unadorned again!

What’s the point of being able to crochet if you can’t make fun stuff.

The super simple pattern can be found here


Hop hop hooray


Easter baskets underway! We’re really hoppy with how they’re coming along.  A cute mix of handmade and shop bought bunniness 🐣

This year we’ve gone for pompom chicks and bunnies, crocheted carrots, some egg shaped crayons and of course plenty of chocolate ♥

Some bunny loves Easter madness (^-^)

Goomba takeover

GoombaThe now familiar mantra of ‘Will (or wool) it crochet?’ has been applied to all things in the auntiedotes household.  Including birthday partys.

With a big one coming up for D’Daddy, I decided to search for an appropriate crochet addition to the festivities.  The theme of the party? The 80s, in particular growing up in the 80s.  So the internet led me down the slippery slope of mario based stuffed toys…

I can’t really say why the goomba- an often seen Mario character, but really the lowest of Bowser’s underlings- appealed, but it did.  And so I dedicated a Sunday or four to the production of this little family of goombas. The pattern is easy to follow so that even someone as new to crochet as me can do it. The fact that they all came out different sizes is definitely my fault rather than the pattern.

Now…question is, what does one do with a family of goombas after this party??

Floral Crown

Floral crownCan it be crocheted?  This is the question asked regularly in the auntiedotes household, now that I have the skills. And the answer?

Of course it can!!

So when the idea of a floral crown being created out of tissue paper came up…let’s crochet it instead.

Here I have to acknowledge that my crochet genius does not yet extend to creating my own patterns and I very helpfully found a pattern in Inside Crochet magazine.

The large rose is super fun to make, especially when it seems like it’s going wrong making me pull it out several times before trusting that I am reading the pattern correctly.  As it comes together it all makes sense. Ahh (I now have a small collection of roses, if anyone needs one). The pattern is for a much more elaborate crown, but I like this simpler version that i put together (it felt achievable to do it this way).

The small base to attach the flowers to just wasn’t working for me, so I made a simple double crochet band crocheted in to a hair bobble at both ends, eh voila, a headband any lion (or little girl) can be proud of.

Roll on halloween for Lil D to get to wear it!


Sunday is our catch up day.  We plan for the week ahead and recharge from the week that’s been. Usually this makes for a loungey casual kind of day that disappears with tea and tv but once in a blue (or blood) moon Sunday becomes a supercharged Get Stuff Done day. Like today.

Brunch.  Is there a more perfect meal? Great food to get happy about.  So what if your first hollandaise splits?  It’s always preferable to make a second hollandaise than have no hollandaise at all.  Eggs benedict starts a day off right.

Than there’s the lime coconut cupcakes.  And the chicken to roast.  All day in the kitchen?

Yes and no. Halloween costumes have also been on the go this weekend.  Tutus are getting made and floral crowns crocheted.  Yes, I severely underestimated how much tulle I would need for a seriously poofy tutu but the effect is so good that 5 times more tulle has been ordered. TBC.

Eims’ crochet flowers are amazing.  She is addicted and I’m fanning the flames.  Will it crochet? is to be our new mantra.  Roses, azaleas, maybe a lily or two.  Lil D is going to love her auntie-made floral crown and so will Eims.

And so disappears another Sunday. An aunties work is never done (^-^)