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Craft of the Month Club


We’re the first to admit that it’s been a while. It’s been surprisingly hard to break our pompom addiction but we’re back on track with a little foray into perler beads.

Armed with some beads, a pegboard, an iron and some last minute grease-proof paper, I sat down to play. It’s fair to say I had a ball!

Dream catcher


Continuing on the topic of dreams, today Lil D made herself a dream catcher. Bright coloured threads and beads, washi tape, felt and pom poms. These are a few of our favourite things ♪

Let’s keep those nightmares at bay ⚡

PomPom Chicks

As you can see we’re still obsessed with pompoms (^-^) In fact we’re pretty sure everything will make a super cute pompom.

These Easter chicks also happen to be super easy. One pom, a couple of eyes and a little felt. Cuuuuuuute!

And to think, we weren’t even going to do Easter! Cheep cheep 🐣



We said we weren’t going to go all out this Easter.  Ha!  We were fools not to factor in spring being in the air and pinterest being full of cute makes.

Here we go with the first of our Easter basket crafts.  It’s just too impersonal to hand over a chocolate egg and be done with it (^-^)

Bunny crayons. Simpler than simple. All you need are old crayons and a silicone mould.  We got ours from the Pound Shop.

Chop up the crayons and place in the mould.  Preheat your oven to 200°C and pop them in for 6 minutes. They’ll become satisfyingly molten and vivid.

Leave to cool completely then pop out and admire your work.

We decided to go for individual crayon colours in the hopes that the bunny shape would feature clearly, plus our dotes are little sticklers for an unmixed palette but a mismatch of old crayon ends could make for a fun experiment.

We’ll be putting ours into fillable plastic eggs.  Lets hope our dotes don’t try and eat em (^-^)Logo



Crochet dreams

Crochet, or to be precise amigurumi (crocheting super cute stuffed creatures) is my new favourite thing.   I have been searching for this, and didn’t even know it.

Between us, Bear is the creative one.  She’s a doodler, a crafter, a photographer, you name it, she will give it a pretty good go.  Me, well let’s say that I have a realistic grasp of my abilities.  But sometimes, I forget that and like to try.

So last year I took up cross stitching, and enjoyed it thoroughly.  There was a set pattern to follow and a limited number of stitches- it felt achievable.  But it also slowly dawned on me that there are few times in life you will realise you need something cross-stitched.  And only so much space to hang embroidery hoops (Note: none of my cross stitch artwork made it to the walls. Though it was cute).  That realisation means I have a drawer full of embroidery thread and not much need to use it.

Fast forward to July this year.  In a box from the Lucky Dip Club (a subscription box that sends curated theme boxes each month) there was a little pack from Tea and Crafting. It contained an amigurumi jellyfish, and all the bits needed to complete it.

Several hours of watching youtube videos and asking nanny (a super, traditional crochet-er) and I had just about figured out how to make a magic circle.  Days later I had ripped out and started again many times, but oncIMG_20150901_135814e on the right track it took mere hours to complete my jellyfish.  He isn’t perfect, he’s lost an eye already and he’s two toned when he wasn’t supposed to be, but I like him:-)

Since then I have found several bloggers with patterns I can follow *though sometimes the American instructions trouble my novice skills*, and have completed a bat (a halloween series may follow), some cute bows (future dote friendly hair accessory?) and several apples (because why not?!).

Anyone need a super cute Japanese style animal or anthropomorphic creature?