Comic wrap

IMG_3996Gift wrap.  A hot topic of interest for {auntie dotes}.  Why stop at awesome presents when you can make them look even awesomer with a bit o strategically placed paper and tape?

But what do you do when you can’t find the perfect wrapping paper? Get creative!

The Beano makes the perfect gift wrap for a 7 year old boy’s birthday stash.  It even gives a better fold than some cheaper rolls of wrapping paper.

And for the tricky shapes? We got a £1 Spiderman plastic tablecloth and wrapped our present like a wine bottle. Super we say  (^_^)  Happy Birthday Lil GN ♥




I’m really beginning to appreciate comic books.  They make the train ride home from work much more enjoyable.

This one had to be read.  Before we were aunties we were sisters and growing up together made us who we are. Reading about someone else’s memories of sisterhood brings back fond (and often funny) memories of our own.  Wow, we were different people back then (^-^)

Thanks for sticking with me, Eims ❤️

El Deafo

I was on a mission to find comic books for a reluctant reader.  Many recommendations came up but this one caught me eye.  As I glanced through it on arrival, I knew it was mature beyond our dotes understanding but it looked like it would hit all the right notes with me. Interesting illustrations, a personal, true story, a different perspective of life…

📖 No book unread 📖