Clay charms

Christmas brought our dotes lots of things to make and do {⇒ Santa does love to craft ♥}

Clay charms were right up Lil D’s craftavenue – tiny, detailed work were comparisons between hers and ours can be easily judged.  Although the clay started out quite chalky and hard to handle it soon became more malleable so decisions had to be made.  Which cute charm should we make?

The accompanying book had great instructions on how to make everything from a pineapple to a panda.  We settled on doughnuts… and then a watermelon, and then a strawberry and then a pineapple! We were all pretty pleased with our efforts (^-^)

After 20 minutes in a low oven, we glazed them, et voilà ⇑ Cute Clay Charms, just like the box promised.

This kit also comes with a charm bracelet and all the findings needed to create your own bespoke jewellery. We say well done Santa (^-^)