Oh Krispie Tree

Rice krispie treeWe saw this recipe in a supermarket magazine ages ago and decided there and then that we had to do it in December. Rice krispies shaped to look like Christmas trees and decorated with smarties with a rolo base?  – adorable!

They made it sound oh so easy. Melt some butter, add a ton of marshmallows and let it all melt some more. A touch of food colouring then stir into the rice krispies and shape.

It’s only warning was to work quickly to make sure that the decorations stick.

Krispie treeReality 1 – more food colouring than anyone should ever eat was needed for a jolly old green.

Reality 2 – only a 7-year-old can get the correct balance between wet enough hands for shaping, and not wet enough hands for frustration. I gave up quickly, hands covered in sticky green rice whilst Lil D patiently experimented with shaping techniques til she found a way to make triangle.

Not the fun I had anticipated but Lil D was left basking in her own creative glory, so not all bad (^-^)



The retelling of stories from a different point of view – we’re always up for that.

Hoodwinked – Little Red Riding Hood told from the point of view of the Wolf is awesome.  Wicked, of course, takes the genre to a whole new level.  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies may have taken things a bit too far but still, fun to be had there too.

Maleficent was always going to be hit or miss with us.  We had no great love for Sleeping Beauty (til we started watching Ever After High – we now love Briar Rose) so expectations were low but it quickly grabbed our attention with a sympathetic and concise retelling of how sweet little fairy Maleficent came to be the villain we all know.  It’s a heartbreaking and cruel transition.  She takes her revenge but strength and love win out in this beautifully harmonious version of the tale.  Nothing is out of place with the original.  It’s a simple change of perspective.

We first watched Maleficent with Lil D some time last year but then with the presentation of both Maleficent and Aurora Christmas Tree decorations to both Lil D and her mummy it seemed a good time for a rewatch.

We all now have a real shared affinity for Maleficent and her tale, plus some fantastic shoes (^-^)

Old Tinseltoes is back

December at last.  Time to start the magic and mayhem with our very own liaison elf.


Last year Tinseltoes came direct from the North Pole to see if our dotes were being naughty or nice.  Obviously the report must have been good cos he’s back again this year with more Christmas spirit.

The dotes were amused (and baffled) last time by the cultural differences between elves and dotes.  Tinsey was found each day in rather unusual places, having done all manner of odd things around the house.  Particular favourites were drawing moustaches on our dotes photographs and having a tea party with Barbie and her friends.

TinseltoesThis year he surprised Lil D by turning up in the hotel where we stayed to see the Belfast Christmas Market.  He was in the tub – much to her glee.  He certainly had to come to dinner with us after that and was proudly given the seat of honour.

Lil C then found him when she visited Nanny’s house and quietly went over to him and smiled – before charging into the living room to proclaim his triumphant return.

Already he’s been found in the porridge – can’t wait to see what he does next!

Hohoho. Here we go (^-^)

One shoe can change your life – Cinderella

ShoesWe couldn’t resist.

Much more than the dotes, we aunties have fixed Disney favourites.

Eims has been a lifelong Belle girl (it was totally the library).

I was particularly taken with Tangled (definitely the lanterns).

Lil GN and Lil C’s mommy has always had Alice in her heart.

And now our favourites are cast in shoes (^-^)

These delightful Christmas Tree ornaments called our names.  So perfectly us and so perfectly each character.

The Great Christmas Pudding Rescue

How amazing would a Christmas Pudding Festival be? A thought well worth dwelling on.

We think Christmas is the perfect time for stories. You get to spend time together and build the excitement. Win-win (^-^)  Anything that adds to the magic of the season really is a must in our house.

The Great Christmas Pudding Rescue is an exclusive to Tesco book and because it’s a time for giving, Tesco donates £1 of the purchase price to Readathon, a charity that “brings the magic of stories to children in hospital.”

As card-carrying Christmas pudding fans we couldn’t pass this book by.  The illustrations are sweet – cute animals feature heavily.  And there’s pudding.  Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas pudding. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Elf mail

As soon as we get back to school in September it’s all hands on deck to prepare for all the upcoming Autumn/Winter festivities.  Halloween costumes begin to take shape. Spooky food and decorations are experimented with. Cosy recipes are dug out and finally, it’s socially acceptable to get going on our Christmas lists.

This year we’ve found a cute little Advent extra.  Elf mail from the International Elf Service.

With the warm welcome given to last year’s foreign exchange Elf, Tinseltoes, a little more North Pole interaction seemed too good to miss out on.

You can chose between 24 personalized letters from various North Pole elves or a reduced stash of 7 to produce over December to keep your dotes excited.  Each has a little story and drawing, printed on elephant poo paper. (^-^) .

Now we really can’t wait for December to come. Hohoho 🔔