Outgoing Mail


And so the {Wee Dotes} Postal Book Swap begins.  Please be speedy, Mr Postman.  We can’t wait to hear that they’ve arrived. Happy Reading 📖


The {Wee Dotes} Postal Book Swap

Book Swap

Read all about it – our newest little venture is a book exchange 📖 And we’re very excited.  It blends two of our favourite things. Libraries and post! Eims is a total bibliophile and I’m an enthusiastic pen pal. If ever an idea seemed fated, this is it (^-^)

With Book Club well underway it’s become more and more apparent that with kids books we tend to read them once and put them on the shelf. Especially picture books.  It suddenly struck us as only sensible to pass on our favourites to other families, and spread the joy. Eureka💡

Right now we’re playing with the logistics and packaging.  Happy hours spent on moo.com designing some postable extras.  Can’t wait to see the results.

We love the thought of sending books to our friends and family who can then pass them on to others.  Who knows where they will end up! Here’s hoping some preloved stories make their way back to us too.   Fingers crossed for some postal surprises ✉