Tivoli Gardens

Holiday report card

The holiday is over and the reflection has begun.

Was all the planning necessary for our first trip away with a dote? Did Lil D have a fun? Did the grown-ups have a good time? Was it worth it?

We aunties went into this with our eyes open.  Kids, we were reliably informed, moan.  They get hungry, they get tired, they’re enthusiastic about what they like, less so when they aren’t interested.

Hans Christian AndersonSo we brought snacks in prepared packs (mini oreos, yogurt covered raisins, raisins) and Lil D looked forward to scoffing the lot everyday.  We planned one big activity a day (zoo, Tivoli amusement park) and took it in our stride when Lil D and D Daddy (not a natural traveller) were too tired to take a walk through Copenhagen just to enjoy the sites.  We aunties went without them as they settled in for an evening in front of Danish tv.  We could not go to Copenhagen and not visit the Little Mermaid, but didn’t mind that Lil D missed her.

We had plenty of activities with us, and free hotel wi-fi allowed Lil D to indulge in her first love, dance.  We had a dance party everyday, with Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie quickly becoming the theme song for the holiday!

Amusement ParkYes D Daddy suffered from lack of sleep, an unfortunate flare up of his eczema, and the loss of his phone due to overheating in a European plug socket, but he also got to eat some great food (mostly burgers!), went on the scariest rides in the amusement park and saw his first real life rhinoceros.  It all balanced.

Lil D loved being with her aunties, the hotel buffet breakfast, the make your own ice cream sundae in our first restaurant, every ride at Tivoli, the polar bears.

Seeing it through her eyes was a joy.

Cinnamon bunsMaybe for her, it was any city in the world, but she has been to Copenhagen, how many 7 year olds can say that!?

And us aunties? Well done us, we say. Everything we brought was used, including the birth certificate / letter of consent.  Well done Dublin airport for questioning the fact that Lil D has a different surname from us.  Yes, a little odd that we were able to leave the country unquestioned, but at least we got to use it on the way back!  We got to share one of our favourite cities with our Lil D and we all made it home in one piece!