Goomba takeover

GoombaThe now familiar mantra of ‘Will (or wool) it crochet?’ has been applied to all things in the auntiedotes household.  Including birthday partys.

With a big one coming up for D’Daddy, I decided to search for an appropriate crochet addition to the festivities.  The theme of the party? The 80s, in particular growing up in the 80s.  So the internet led me down the slippery slope of mario based stuffed toys…

I can’t really say why the goomba- an often seen Mario character, but really the lowest of Bowser’s underlings- appealed, but it did.  And so I dedicated a Sunday or four to the production of this little family of goombas. The pattern is easy to follow so that even someone as new to crochet as me can do it. The fact that they all came out different sizes is definitely my fault rather than the pattern.

Now…question is, what does one do with a family of goombas after this party??

Tutu much

This year we’re having an 80s Katy Perry Halloween.

California gurls and Roar are  heavily featured – along with tutus and neon.

Maybe not so scary but wait til we start singing  🎶 Bwahahahaha

An Introduction to the 80s

We can relive our childhoods. We’re so excited, and we just can’t hide it!

The dotes are *totally* into the same things we were into when we were young(er).

As we’ve seen they love Scooby Doo.  They also have a good time with Tom and Jerry, My Little Pony, Lego, Barbie and TMNT. Lil D’s playlist includes We didn’t start the fire by Billy Joel and to our eternal chagrin they all have a soft spot for Wham’s Wake me up before you go go.

It occurs to us that we have an opportunity to introduce more of the things we loved as kids. We hoped too much for NKOTB but our eagerness was detected and New Kids were dismissed with prejudice. Lesson learned, all future efforts will be casual, light, chill.

Saying that I really want to reread The Little Vampire with them.  It stands out as my gateway book to reading for pleasure.  My copy was also covered with I love Joey if I remember correctly (see above). How could they not love having a vampire friend? It has to happen.

I’m thinking I’m going to be Jem of Jem and the Holograms fame for Halloween. I only ever got to have Pizzazz in my childhood so a great wrong will finally be righted. And if Lil GN and Lil C wanted to be Elliot and Gertie from ET, I’d be ok with that.  I mean, ADORABLE (^-^)

Ringpops went down a treat over summer.  Lil D bought some randomly with her summer fund and shared them with her cousins.  They in turn had their mommy get some more.  Flying saucers next perhaps?

We’ve asked Lil C’s mommy to explain “A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do” (Our first day of school encouragement via Chuckie from The Rugrats) and we’re biding our time for a screening of Count Duckula after a successful viewing of DuckTales The Movie.

A scrunchie could easily be incorporated into Lil D’s stylebook but could we actually achieve the ultimate in this auntie’s 80s dreams? Can we introduce legwarmers? Watch this space (^-^)

Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 🎵

Sometimes conversation can turn odd.  Like, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle odd.

When the age-old question “Which Turtle are you?” comes around, one needs time to think.

But according to the classic theme song, Heroes in a half shell there is really only one way to call it…

Heroes in a half shellLil D is probably a Leonardo – she’s definitely the leader of our group.

Lil GN is a bit of a Donatello – he does machines (that’s a fact, jack).

And Lil C? Well, Lil C is a Raphael through and through. No doubt. (What did the song say about Raphael again?)

Leaves me to wonder who our Mikey is (^-^) and do we have a Splinter amongst us? Continue reading