Portstewart, NI


Dream catcher


Continuing on the topic of dreams, today Lil D made herself a dream catcher. Bright coloured threads and beads, washi tape, felt and pom poms. These are a few of our favourite things ♪

Let’s keep those nightmares at bay ⚡

Home Alone

IMG_4178How neglected poor {auntie dotes} has been of late. Not from lack of doting (never that) – May saw us move house (*-*)

Now that we’re all settled in who should join us but Lil D for an extended sleepover.

Before we even had the keys she had invited herself to stay.  Unprepared for guests, we told her she’d have to sleep in a dog bed til we got her her own bed.  Unfortunately she’s clung on to that thought so we may have a new craft to try!

This week Lil D Mama was off on a whirlwind adventure and asked us {aunties} to step in.  We were happy to help!

So far we’ve been collecting cacti, experimenting with chia seeds, figuring out the recycling and enjoying remarkably warm water.



Yogurt muffins

IMG_4098Nanny always has yogurt pots in the fridge, which is sometimes a mystery given she eats yogurt maybe 3 times a year.  Despite our best efforts this often means yogurt is found in the bin after its use by date…

Nanny is a stickler for use by dates, no matter how many people tell her that most food will be OK.  What’s scary is the fact that Lil D now looks forward to the weekly checking of dates and general dumping of food.  But we aunties don’t waste food if we can help it, so it was definitely time to find a recipe for flavoured yogurts before they get to the bin!

This one from Tesco real food is super easy.

You have one carton of yogurt (any flavour), one carton of vegetable oil, 3 cartons self raising flour, one carton of caster sugar and three eggs.

The trick here is the use of the yogurt carton for measuring , so less washing up. Papa will be pleased!

Mix all the ingredients, then spoon into muffin cases. Push any fresh berries you like in the top.  All in, maybe 5 minutes of work.

Bake for 15 mins in a 180 degree oven, and enjoy!

Today’s flavour combination: forest fruits and blueberry.  Who knows what tomorrow’s can be?


An Eight Year Old’s Guide to surviving your first concert.


Little Mix- Get Weird Tour


When your two awesome aunties present you and your mama with tickets to your first ever concert you gotta get yourself mentally prepared.

*Start by watching all their videos on YouTube.  Learning the words and dance moves just makes sense.  Be sure to point out how little the girls are wearing in all those videos.

* Plan your perfect outfit.  The more bling the better.  This is, after all, an occasion darling. Keep in mind that with great shoes comes great responsibility.  Hope that Mummy has plasters on standby.

*Be prepared to stay up wa∼y past your bedtime.  Unheard of (especially on a school night)

*Bring your people watching eyes.  There are sooooo many people at this concert.  Some have really cute outfits.  Some are even younger than you. Woah, those two girls are getting the action signed for them. How cool!

*Expect LOUD noises.  We mean way louder than you’ve ever been allowed to play your music.  Good job Mummy was able to fashion some impromptu earplugs.  #MacGyver moment

*Accept that you may have to listen to a LOT of songs that you really don’t know and a LOT of chat that you can’t really understand before they finally sing your favourite songs.  No fast forward button here more’s the pity.

*Remember that there will be screaming.  Girls can really scream when motivated.  Warm up those vocal chords and join in or thank Mummy again for her ingenious earplug solution.

* Tell all who will listen just how awesome your aunties are.

Mincemeat muffins

Some days you wake up and know that you want to bake…and sometimes that means raiding the cupboards for ingredients, and panicking that there’s just nothing to add flavour with until discovering that jar of mincemeat you never got round to using at Christmas (still well within date!)

At that point there’s really nothing to do but make these yummy mincemeat muffins.

I followed this blogger’s recipe, and the results were a flavour packed treat.  Moist and delicious with only a hint of Christmas about them, I may be searching for more forgotten jars of mincemeat to make these again!  Perhaps I’ll try a little added orange zest next time…yum.


This weekend we squeezed in a lot.

Not only was it nanny’s birthday but we also ended up doing an awesome crisp taste challenge and even found the most amazing candy sushi in the world but moment of the weekend has to go to Lil D doing the Gummy Bear Dance. Adorable and hilarious.

We’re sure to be singing this all week ⇑