Walking a balloon dog is the best way to spend the day (^-^)

Pompom wall art


Still love pompoms.

These little balls of joy are getting trimmed and then going up on my wall.

Love the cozy texture and colour they give a room.

Plus making them added thousands of extra steps to my fitbit total (^-^)

Project BFG

Given the chance we like to incorporate a bit o schoolwork into any given dote day. Some times tables, a bit of reading, a little experiment…

When handed a week of dote time we dream big. BFG big.IMG_4487

Camp Dote had a schedule to keep.  One novel, one week. Each chapter to be summarized and compiled so that by the end of our week we could have our very own version of the BFG to show off to parents and aunties.

Lil D barely flinched as I described how I saw the project going. 5 chapters a day, 5 index cards to fill. At the end of the week if we had achieved our goal we would go to the cinema to watch the movie.

To set Lil D up for success we came to an agreement. A couple of chapters after breakfast, another with lunch and a couple in the afternoon – as long as they were sandwiched between other makes, bakes and park time. Challenge accepted!


And didn’t she do well.  Listening to her observations during the movie was a delight.  “Oh! I expected Sophie to have long hair”, “I thought Sophie wore glasses”, “I didn’t expect her to be that mean”. She really took it in. Especially the whizzpopping (^-^)

She now basks in the glow of our pride and praise and the knowledge that no other P.4 would be reading a whole book like this in a week. How whoopsey-splunkers!


Mermaids, mermaids, mermaids!

We aunties find that having a theme helps when it comes to thinking up activities for the dotes.  If you have an idea of something they like to begin with, a quick think and an internet search can provide enough activity to get you through a rainy summer day.

The latest theme? Mermaids.

For a while now, Lil D has been obsessed with mermaids (encouraged greatly by the kids offerings on a certain on demand streaming service) so Bear came up with some under the sea craft ideas. 13658996_10153810914775749_446217057411689408_n

Somehow this morphed into making a mermaid cake because who doesn’t enjoy the chance to create a showstopper cake?

We began with a pinterest search, but surprisingly found little to inspire (mostly because we lacked fondant to make a fantastical mermaid topper and had only one colour to dye our icing…).  But we weren’t about to let that stop us.  Two round cakes, and a quick sketch later, we began the epic journey

from this ↓


To this ↓









A simple sponge covered in a pink buttercream and sprinkles gave our mermaid (tail) some fishy definition.  And a batch of madeleines were whipped up to create some amazing shells.

Yes it was an all day kind of project, and yes, Papa struggled to get his head round the headless mermaid (he insisted it was just a fish tail) but it fed an army of people (and tasted good!)