Comic wrap

IMG_3996Gift wrap.  A hot topic of interest for {auntie dotes}.  Why stop at awesome presents when you can make them look even awesomer with a bit o strategically placed paper and tape?

But what do you do when you can’t find the perfect wrapping paper? Get creative!

The Beano makes the perfect gift wrap for a 7 year old boy’s birthday stash.  It even gives a better fold than some cheaper rolls of wrapping paper.

And for the tricky shapes? We got a £1 Spiderman plastic tablecloth and wrapped our present like a wine bottle. Super we say  (^_^)  Happy Birthday Lil GN ♥





This weekend we squeezed in a lot.

Not only was it nanny’s birthday but we also ended up doing an awesome crisp taste challenge and even found the most amazing candy sushi in the world but moment of the weekend has to go to Lil D doing the Gummy Bear Dance. Adorable and hilarious.

We’re sure to be singing this all week ⇑

February Book Club


Violet and the Pearl of the Orient

Violet has new neighbours.  On first impressions they’re not the type of people Violet and her family would normally take to but everyone deserves to be given a chance, right?

As events unfold in their little community Violet begins to suspect the newbies of more than just unpleasantness.

Her favourite neighbour’s valuable pearl has been stolen and the police aren’t listening to Violet’s suspicions.

It’s time to do some detectiving.


Lovely illustrations by Becka Moor and more to enjoy from Violet in Harriet Whitehorn’s series of books.


With experiments a-plenty and facts galore, Whizz Pop Bang science magazine has been a hit in our house.

We quickly determined that any future school science project could be happily based upon the wealth of information provided and the handy pre-sent experiment shopping list makes certain you are ready to science as soon as the magazine arrives.

So far we’ve learned about and made snot.  Had a go at creating stalactites and stalagmites from jars of water with baking soda and string and are readying ourselves for a bit of alchemy.

Lil D loves a good experiment and Lil GN is excited for his chance to make snot. The future of science is in good hands (^-^)



My StudioGirl

How could anyone resist a panda onesie craft opportunity? These kits from My Studio Girl are completely ADORABLE.

Maybe I should have left this for one of the dotes to make but any character dressed as an animal is going to be hard for me to resist.  I have 10 years Tokyo experience.

How much would I love an army of these onesie’d cuties?  There’s a bumble bee, a duck, a cat, a pig and a rabbit. All you need is to sew through the pre-punched holes and hey presto, instant achievement.

By far my greatest achievement today 🌟