Dream catcher


Continuing on the topic of dreams, today Lil D made herself a dream catcher. Bright coloured threads and beads, washi tape, felt and pom poms. These are a few of our favourite things ♪

Let’s keep those nightmares at bay ⚡

When I grow up…

Lil D recently revealed that she’d like to be a vet when she grows up, or as she really said, she’d like to work at Pets at Home, but the teacher encouraged her to think bigger.  Animals (and dance) are her passion and we’re all for following your dreams.

When I was younger I knew what my dream job was…to work in a library, but somehow or other I got sidetracked (by retail, then banking, then the civil service, then teaching…it was quite a big sidetrack). Until I came back to libraries, and found a job that puts a smile on my face- and surely that’s the dream.

So why is working in a library so awesome?

  • you get to pretend to know everything.  Which I’ve always been good at.
  • you have stories you just don’t get in other places. Like the time we took the Christmas tree out of the cupboard and a bat swooped out with it; or when a student claimed to have returned books only to find them in their laundry basket the next day.
  • sometimes you’re a mind reader: ‘a black book with a picture on front?’ You must mean Research Methods in Education.  Yes. We are that good.
  • you get to say shhh (though less than you’d think- we officially have whisper zones).
  • you get to work with some of the funniest, smartest people in the world. Librarianship is a profession- you work hard to prove that you are more than a checkout assistant sometimes, but we know that we are.  And we tell each other that often!  Every person I work with is a ‘character’, good and bad sometimes, but always interesting. Serial job appliers, constant travellers, stern phone answerers, bakers, and a strangely high proportion of history graduates.
  • every day you work with thousands of books. It’s a book lover’s dream.  You can tell the people you love that you can get them that book that answers their questions (sometimes you can even deliver on that promise)
  • you can amaze people with your technological skills- computers, printers, wifi, any of it, I’m an expert (remember when I said you get to pretend to know everything?)
  • sometimes, if you squint, you can imagine you are in the library from Beauty and the Beast…I did say sometime…squint harder!
  • you provide a service to people who need it, more than books- guidance in a world of referencing, online journals, youtube videos, and they tend to be grateful.

Lucky me;-)

So follow your dreams Lil D.  Maybe a dancing vet who moonlights at a pet store?



Strawberry cheesecake cupcakes

Saturday afternoon with no little ones, and a box full of strawberries.  At this point it’s almost inevitable that I reach for the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook.

A few pages in and I find my mission: 2016-06-18 16.29.37

Vanilla cupcakes with fresh strawberry pieces, a cream cheese frosting and crushed biscuits on top.  Yummy!

Home Alone

IMG_4178How neglected poor {auntie dotes} has been of late. Not from lack of doting (never that) – May saw us move house (*-*)

Now that we’re all settled in who should join us but Lil D for an extended sleepover.

Before we even had the keys she had invited herself to stay.  Unprepared for guests, we told her she’d have to sleep in a dog bed til we got her her own bed.  Unfortunately she’s clung on to that thought so we may have a new craft to try!

This week Lil D Mama was off on a whirlwind adventure and asked us {aunties} to step in.  We were happy to help!

So far we’ve been collecting cacti, experimenting with chia seeds, figuring out the recycling and enjoying remarkably warm water.