Yogurt muffins

IMG_4098Nanny always has yogurt pots in the fridge, which is sometimes a mystery given she eats yogurt maybe 3 times a year.  Despite our best efforts this often means yogurt is found in the bin after its use by date…

Nanny is a stickler for use by dates, no matter how many people tell her that most food will be OK.  What’s scary is the fact that Lil D now looks forward to the weekly checking of dates and general dumping of food.  But we aunties don’t waste food if we can help it, so it was definitely time to find a recipe for flavoured yogurts before they get to the bin!

This one from Tesco real food is super easy.

You have one carton of yogurt (any flavour), one carton of vegetable oil, 3 cartons self raising flour, one carton of caster sugar and three eggs.

The trick here is the use of the yogurt carton for measuring , so less washing up. Papa will be pleased!

Mix all the ingredients, then spoon into muffin cases. Push any fresh berries you like in the top.  All in, maybe 5 minutes of work.

Bake for 15 mins in a 180 degree oven, and enjoy!

Today’s flavour combination: forest fruits and blueberry.  Who knows what tomorrow’s can be?


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