Swedish Chokladboll


Swedish Chokladboll

Ever since trying the fabulous mocha balls in KaffeO (Belfast) I’ve been obsessed with having a go myself.  Memories of Stockholm and Copenhagen trips are always worth reliving.

A quick google led me to this recipe. Oats, butter, sugar, cocoa and coffee.  No bake simplicity.

As I followed the quick steps I began to fear dryness. The KaffeO chokladboll had been so moist and chocolatey.  I began to suspect further experimentation would be needed but gamely carried on. (Mostly because I had used all my oats.)

After an hour of chilling in the fridge the mixture did form a ball but I wasn’t convinced that they would be the texture I was looking for. Still, the mixture tasted amazing so at worst I’d made an awesome sprinkle for icecream.

A couple more hours in the fridge and the verdict is in. They held together as a ball; not as dry as I’d feared but definitely not as moist as I wanted.  The flavour had sadly dulled a little with the chill but hope is not lost.  There will be a revenge bake.  I’ve since seen a creamed butter method or the addition of cream for moisture.  I can *totally* see these as my signature afternoon tea offering, just as soon as I can get them right.

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