Walking our way to fun

It was a great surprise to receive a Fitbit Flex for my birthday (thank you Bear) in a fetching bright pink (yay colour!) Even more of surprise how interested the whole family was in what this thing can do…



My fancy new Fitbit Flex

Count steps that’s what!


I already track my steps with phone based pedometer, but who has their phone with them every minute of the day?  This tracker on my wrist stays with me day and night, tracking my steps and my sleep! Yay for a more accurate look at my activity!

Lil D was at nanny’s over Easter so, of course, she needed to have a day and night with it on. I’ve since read lots online about how kids don’t need trackers like this, that they don’t need the motivation of counting steps- but she has a healthy competitiveness and is already the most active of us all.  She loved challenging herself to get to the next step landmark (for Auntie Eims records of course!) Maybe a tracker that tells her steps right there on her wrist would be better than one that relies on an app to update, but she’s a tech savvy girl with no problem getting into the app.  (FitBit officially don’t set up accounts for children under 13, so we’d really need to look into a different type of tracker if any of the kids wanted one).

We walked, we danced, we played football, we walked around the house strangely to get us to the 10000 steps! And it was fun!  It just so happened that Lil D had just got some flashy new trainers and even more exciting leggings (complete with zip up pocket in the back, ideal for key holding says Lil D). Brighter days and longer evenings all combined to the make this the most active Easter break ever!

Mysteriously when Lil D went home, the step count total was somewhat smaller… (it was Sunday- a good day to rest!)

Nanny is eyeing the Fitbit now too…maybe we should all get one?  You can apparently challenge friends through the app…  which of us will do the most steps?

(P.S. walking to work every day means that I achieved a marathon -26 miles- in 5 days…I’d say I’m unbeatable!)


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