This weekend we squeezed in a lot.

Not only was it nanny’s birthday but we also ended up doing an awesome crisp taste challenge and even found the most amazing candy sushi in the world but moment of the weekend has to go to Lil D doing the Gummy Bear Dance. Adorable and hilarious.

We’re sure to be singing this all week ⇑

February Book Club


Violet and the Pearl of the Orient

Violet has new neighbours.  On first impressions they’re not the type of people Violet and her family would normally take to but everyone deserves to be given a chance, right?

As events unfold in their little community Violet begins to suspect the newbies of more than just unpleasantness.

Her favourite neighbour’s valuable pearl has been stolen and the police aren’t listening to Violet’s suspicions.

It’s time to do some detectiving.


Lovely illustrations by Becka Moor and more to enjoy from Violet in Harriet Whitehorn’s series of books.

Bath Bomb

IMG_3635After a morning of experimenting with stalagmites and stalactites (from Whizz Pop Bang magazine) Lil D’s appetite for science was not fully satisfied. We are still making our way through the various craft kits Lil D got at Christmas, so this bath bomb studio was the obvious next step in our afternoon of science.


All the ingredients were included: bicarbonate of soda, cornstarch, acid, red colouring, a mould, goggles, pipette, beaker and gloves.  The instructions were clear.  It all looked promising.

Lil D prepared herself, Bear read out the step by step instructions.  After combining all the powders and colour the idea was to put the mix into the mould, tap it down and build a sphere that could hold itself together.  Except, the amount of water added didn’t really hold the powder together and when the mould was opened (after prolonged tapping down from Lil D) it all inevitably fell apart.  Adding more water didn’t help, and when we got the point of fizzing (as a good bath bomb should) we had to admit defeat.

But our little scientist didn’t despair.  Lil D pointed out that she knew how to make a volcano from bicarbonate of soda… wouldn’t it be fun to add some red colouring to that and make a volcano?  A second set of instructions in the kit pointed out a similar use for the ingredients, so it was all go for lava time! And we even got to compare the two methods.

Lil D’s recipe for lava (no quantities provided- but then again she is 8 years old):

Bicarbonate of Soda


Food colouring

The results:

A slow gush of foam from both methods, but a decidedly more vinegary smell after Lil D’s!!

Science rocks!!


The Three Ninja Pigs


Are you ready for the three ninja pigs?

An adventure that brings the three little pigs into the path of the Big Bad Wolf, and it seems that each encounter (in Granny’s house, huffing and puffing, Cinderella’s shop) gets the three ninja pigs into more trouble than the Wolf.

But these aren’t our ordinary three little pigs, no way.  A ninja always has a cunning trick.  Maybe the wolf will get his comeuppance…

Fun little picture book, with entertaining illustrations.


With experiments a-plenty and facts galore, Whizz Pop Bang science magazine has been a hit in our house.

We quickly determined that any future school science project could be happily based upon the wealth of information provided and the handy pre-sent experiment shopping list makes certain you are ready to science as soon as the magazine arrives.

So far we’ve learned about and made snot.  Had a go at creating stalactites and stalagmites from jars of water with baking soda and string and are readying ourselves for a bit of alchemy.

Lil D loves a good experiment and Lil GN is excited for his chance to make snot. The future of science is in good hands (^-^)