A Dote’s dreams of YouTube

Lil D has had a love for watching tutorials on YouTube for a few years now.  Teaching herself Irish dancing from repeatedly watching videos was one of the first clues she was hooked.  Eating challenges, toy unboxing and crafting tutorials, presented by kids enjoying themselves immensely has given her ideas from Bean Boozled to blindfolded tasting tests.

She thinks she’s ready to graduate from watcher to watched. And on the evidence of this weekend we have to agree.

So here’s Lil D’s guide to becoming a youtuber

  1. Pick your topic.  Something you can talk about and explain. (We started with clay modeling, then moved on to a sour taste test then rice krispie treats.  It was difficult to stop once we started:-)).
  2. Get an assistant.  If you want to have fun having someone to share the spotlight creates some unexpectedly fun moments (especially when the assistant is a slightly unpredictable auntie).
  3. Talk. No matter what- fill the gaps with information or general chitchat. Better if it relates to the product or game you’re playing, but if need be start plugging your other videos. (Lil D started to reference videos we had yet to make. She’s a real pro).
  4. Allow the scene to develop naturally. Structure is good, but sometimes keeping the camera rolling can capture the best bits. (Surprisingly sour sweets + an auntie = camera gold).
  5. Know when to stop (Lil D is still working on this. A limited memory card caused some unnatural stops to our videos).

Now, all we need is to work out how to upload a large file and negotiate with D’Mummy as to whether this is the career path she imagines for Lil D.  If not, the comic timing of Auntie Eims may never be let loose on the world (which is fine by me), but we will have some awesome videos to pull out for blackmail in the future!!

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