Craft of the month club

Lets go on a craftventure (^-^)

This year we want to explore new crafts in the hopes of uncovering a new favourite.  Eims may have settled on her No.1 but I’m still excited to experiment.

This month we’ll be picking up jewellery (making).

Before Christmas, Lil D and I made a supercute shrink plastic charm bracelet.  She drew and coloured christmassy characters, we baked them in the oven then I struggled to attach them to a bracelet for her.  Convinced, I was, to use the correct tools for the job.  Various nosed pliers later and I decided handmade jewellery could be January’s challenge.

Just a few charms, jump rings and jewellery fixings are needed.  Then a sprinkling of imagination.

My first attempt was with steampunk cogs. I played around with arranging the charms before settling on a cute pair of earrings and a simple linked keyring.  Not too bad for a beginner (^-^)

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