Chocolate orange cupcakes

IMG_3410Someone in work *cough may have been me* decided that it would be fun to have a Christmas tea party, where we all bring in some food to share.  Great idea!

So what does one bring to a Christmas tea party?


Chocolate orange cupcakes to be precise.

Snow nearly stopped this in it’s tracks, as we couldn’t go get ingredients at the weekend, but luckily I was able to improvise with what was already in the cupboard.

Once again I used Hummingbird Bakery as my base recipe- everyone who has tried one of these cupcakes agrees that the lightness and softness of the sponge is special.  Adding a little orange zest to the basic recipe created an amazing aroma of orange  just as you bite into the cupcake. Bournville cocoa in the buttercream icing made a subtly sweet chocolately indulgence.

Decorated with come christmassy sprinkles, placed in box, and I crossed my fingers that they wouldn’t get squashed on the bus journey to work! (They didn’t)

And the tea party?  A picnic of lovely food with some lovely work friends, all finished off with a christmas cupcake. Yummy!

Ho ho ho Emoji One's Father Christmas


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