Oh Krispie Tree

Rice krispie treeWe saw this recipe in a supermarket magazine ages ago and decided there and then that we had to do it in December. Rice krispies shaped to look like Christmas trees and decorated with smarties with a rolo base?  – adorable!

They made it sound oh so easy. Melt some butter, add a ton of marshmallows and let it all melt some more. A touch of food colouring then stir into the rice krispies and shape.

It’s only warning was to work quickly to make sure that the decorations stick.

Krispie treeReality 1 – more food colouring than anyone should ever eat was needed for a jolly old green.

Reality 2 – only a 7-year-old can get the correct balance between wet enough hands for shaping, and not wet enough hands for frustration. I gave up quickly, hands covered in sticky green rice whilst Lil D patiently experimented with shaping techniques til she found a way to make triangle.

Not the fun I had anticipated but Lil D was left basking in her own creative glory, so not all bad (^-^)


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