Lucky Dip Club

Lucky dip clubLast summer I started to subscribe to the Lucky Dip Club. Every month I get a box of surprises, themed and full of little treasures.

The really surprising part of this is the fact that month after month I give away almost all of the box!

I mean this in the nicest possible way, but sometimes I just do not have a use for an ice cream tatoo…but Lil D does, oh boy she does.  A seashell necklace with my initial on it?  Not really my style, but Lil C shares that very initial- present time!  A postcard telling us to seek adventure? Well I have a friend who is feeling a little stuck at the minute.  Sharing the joy is the joy of this box. Oh and there are the necklace charms- a new one each month for me to try out.  Not being a jewellery girl has transformed into my having new and interesting necklace every month.  Though I’ve yet to find the occasion to suit the dinosaur charm…I’m sure it will happen someday.

This month, the haul seems especially promising: 3 Christmas cards, a cute print, a pink planet brooch (that will soon be attached to my  equally pink bag), a little pot of magic and a mirror.  Guess what? I have recipients for them all in mind.

Roll on December, I have people who need surprises.

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