Old Tinseltoes is back

December at last.  Time to start the magic and mayhem with our very own liaison elf.


Last year Tinseltoes came direct from the North Pole to see if our dotes were being naughty or nice.  Obviously the report must have been good cos he’s back again this year with more Christmas spirit.

The dotes were amused (and baffled) last time by the cultural differences between elves and dotes.  Tinsey was found each day in rather unusual places, having done all manner of odd things around the house.  Particular favourites were drawing moustaches on our dotes photographs and having a tea party with Barbie and her friends.

TinseltoesThis year he surprised Lil D by turning up in the hotel where we stayed to see the Belfast Christmas Market.  He was in the tub – much to her glee.  He certainly had to come to dinner with us after that and was proudly given the seat of honour.

Lil C then found him when she visited Nanny’s house and quietly went over to him and smiled – before charging into the living room to proclaim his triumphant return.

Already he’s been found in the porridge – can’t wait to see what he does next!

Hohoho. Here we go (^-^)

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