Retro Birthday

Goomba takeover

GoombaThe now familiar mantra of ‘Will (or wool) it crochet?’ has been applied to all things in the auntiedotes household.  Including birthday partys.

With a big one coming up for D’Daddy, I decided to search for an appropriate crochet addition to the festivities.  The theme of the party? The 80s, in particular growing up in the 80s.  So the internet led me down the slippery slope of mario based stuffed toys…

I can’t really say why the goomba- an often seen Mario character, but really the lowest of Bowser’s underlings- appealed, but it did.  And so I dedicated a Sunday or four to the production of this little family of goombas. The pattern is easy to follow so that even someone as new to crochet as me can do it. The fact that they all came out different sizes is definitely my fault rather than the pattern.

Now…question is, what does one do with a family of goombas after this party??

One shoe can change your life – Cinderella

ShoesWe couldn’t resist.

Much more than the dotes, we aunties have fixed Disney favourites.

Eims has been a lifelong Belle girl (it was totally the library).

I was particularly taken with Tangled (definitely the lanterns).

Lil GN and Lil C’s mommy has always had Alice in her heart.

And now our favourites are cast in shoes (^-^)

These delightful Christmas Tree ornaments called our names.  So perfectly us and so perfectly each character.

November Book Club

Witch Switch

Author: Sibeal Punder

Illustrator: Laura Ellen Anderson

Witch SwitchWitch Wars is over.  The right witch got the job of top witch, except the old witch with cart described the winner as elegant, and Peggy is kind and brilliant, but she’s still as clumsy as ever, so perhaps it isn’t over yet…

Fran is the first to discover that Peggy has disappeared and so begins the adventure as Tiga and Fluffanora search for their friend.  There is only one suspect- Felicity Bat, badly helped by Aggie Hoof (who spends most of the book enforcing the fashion of wearing shoes on your ears), but figuring out what they have done with Peggy is nearly impossible.

Yet again this instalment of the Witch Wars Adventures is pure fun.  Tiga is settling into life in Ritzy City, but there are many things to learn.  Who was her mum? Which spell brings an object to you and which makes it grow? When will Fluffanora stop making Aggie Hoof put shoes on her ears?  And most of all, where have all the witches been disappearing to? IMG_3164

The illustrations are beautiful and bring this crazy adventure to life.  It’s a world where a 9 year old has a lot of power and sometimes uses it the way only a 9 year old can.

Lil D has enjoyed the quirkiness of Witch Wars, can’t wait to read this with her too!

The Great Christmas Pudding Rescue

How amazing would a Christmas Pudding Festival be? A thought well worth dwelling on.

We think Christmas is the perfect time for stories. You get to spend time together and build the excitement. Win-win (^-^)  Anything that adds to the magic of the season really is a must in our house.

The Great Christmas Pudding Rescue is an exclusive to Tesco book and because it’s a time for giving, Tesco donates £1 of the purchase price to Readathon, a charity that “brings the magic of stories to children in hospital.”

As card-carrying Christmas pudding fans we couldn’t pass this book by.  The illustrations are sweet – cute animals feature heavily.  And there’s pudding.  Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas pudding. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Song of the Sea

❤️ We’re in love ❤️

Song of the Sea has it all. Warmth, magic and style. Plus it’s Irish ☘

It has instantly become our frontrunner for an ethereal Christmas Eve movie.  What could be better on Christmas Eve than going to bed filled with wonder and magic?

The gorgeous animation had us squealing with joy.  We’re talking Studio Ghibli-level good. We’re so impressed.

We can’t wait now to watch The Secret of Kells and are dreaming of the day when all of Ireland’s folklore is told as beautifully as this.


Carrot cake disappointment

Lil GN loves his carrot cake, so I promised him I would make him one, free from those bits he just doesn’t appreciate (raisins and walnuts).  He’s a definite carrot fan.

So nanny was sent for the ingredients and a Sunday morning was set aside for the masterpiece. In fact, instead of a normal old carrot cake,  why not a traybake I thought?

I dug out another Hummingbird bakery recipe and got started.  And that’s when it started going wrong…

Carrot cakeNo brown sugar? Ah well caster would do as well.

No baking powder and bicarbonate of soda? Well I can use self-raising flour.

Sure it looked awfully pale and thin going to the oven but sure it would change as it baked.
Or not…

I don’t think I can bear to have Lil GN try these.  I don’t think he’ll be kind. Maybe I’ll just pretend I forgot….