Floral Crown

Floral crownCan it be crocheted?  This is the question asked regularly in the auntiedotes household, now that I have the skills. And the answer?

Of course it can!!

So when the idea of a floral crown being created out of tissue paper came up…let’s crochet it instead.

Here I have to acknowledge that my crochet genius does not yet extend to creating my own patterns and I very helpfully found a pattern in Inside Crochet magazine.

The large rose is super fun to make, especially when it seems like it’s going wrong making me pull it out several times before trusting that I am reading the pattern correctly.  As it comes together it all makes sense. Ahh (I now have a small collection of roses, if anyone needs one). The pattern is for a much more elaborate crown, but I like this simpler version that i put together (it felt achievable to do it this way).

The small base to attach the flowers to just wasn’t working for me, so I made a simple double crochet band crocheted in to a hair bobble at both ends, eh voila, a headband any lion (or little girl) can be proud of.

Roll on halloween for Lil D to get to wear it!

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