Elf mail

As soon as we get back to school in September it’s all hands on deck to prepare for all the upcoming Autumn/Winter festivities.  Halloween costumes begin to take shape. Spooky food and decorations are experimented with. Cosy recipes are dug out and finally, it’s socially acceptable to get going on our Christmas lists.

This year we’ve found a cute little Advent extra.  Elf mail from the International Elf Service.

With the warm welcome given to last year’s foreign exchange Elf, Tinseltoes, a little more North Pole interaction seemed too good to miss out on.

You can chose between 24 personalized letters from various North Pole elves or a reduced stash of 7 to produce over December to keep your dotes excited.  Each has a little story and drawing, printed on elephant poo paper. (^-^) .

Now we really can’t wait for December to come. Hohoho 🔔

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