Sunday is our catch up day.  We plan for the week ahead and recharge from the week that’s been. Usually this makes for a loungey casual kind of day that disappears with tea and tv but once in a blue (or blood) moon Sunday becomes a supercharged Get Stuff Done day. Like today.

Brunch.  Is there a more perfect meal? Great food to get happy about.  So what if your first hollandaise splits?  It’s always preferable to make a second hollandaise than have no hollandaise at all.  Eggs benedict starts a day off right.

Than there’s the lime coconut cupcakes.  And the chicken to roast.  All day in the kitchen?

Yes and no. Halloween costumes have also been on the go this weekend.  Tutus are getting made and floral crowns crocheted.  Yes, I severely underestimated how much tulle I would need for a seriously poofy tutu but the effect is so good that 5 times more tulle has been ordered. TBC.

Eims’ crochet flowers are amazing.  She is addicted and I’m fanning the flames.  Will it crochet? is to be our new mantra.  Roses, azaleas, maybe a lily or two.  Lil D is going to love her auntie-made floral crown and so will Eims.

And so disappears another Sunday. An aunties work is never done (^-^)

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