♥️ Friday Night Lights ♥️

We aunties have a theory.  In pretty much all matters, Northern Ireland is about 10 years behind the rest of the world.  Technology, trends, events – we get there, it just takes time. Sometimes we can laugh this off but mostly its just irritating.  For the first time ever it’s been to our advantage, or so we’ve chosen to believe.

We have just discovered the TV show Friday Night Lights and oh how our hearts have been full. Originally aired 2006, it fits our timeline quite well.  But the pleasure of knowing we can watch it all without those pesky weeks in between is the best thing ever.  Tense season finale? Hoho, no need to live with the uncertainty, on we go to the next season. Perfect (@_@)

But that really doesn’t explain why we’ve fallen so hard for a show that on paper shouldn’t be our cup of tea. High school American football.  That shouldn’t really be coming up on a “Recommended for you” section and probably not even a “You watched this, so you might like this” box, but we were struggling.  We were sick of watching shows we weren’t all that into. We wanted the little time we spend watching TV to be quality (ha, I say TV but who watches stuff on a TV anymore? Even here we use our laptops)

Then Eims saw a lone review, fateful perhaps.  Onto our list FNL went and then one day, with low expectations we pessimistically pressed play.  Clear eyes.

The word obsessed comes to mind.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s happened before, there are shows we absolutely love.  Vikings would be up there, Parks and Recreations, The West Wing – and characters become so dear, Ragnar even ended up as my screensaver for a while. Josh and Donna will always be our friends.  But bearing in mind we’ve only completed one season, this show seems different. Maybe it’s because it was so unexpected but mostly because of Coach.

We’ve found a hero.Coach

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