Scooby dooby doo, we love you

Ah Scoobert, Scoobert, Scoobert…

Scooby doo

Why, oh why do we watch you endlessly?

Is it just because you are always there? – be it on a random freeview channel, or a dvd purchased for the princely sum of £3.  Old school, new versions, live action, repeats – it doesn’t matter, our dotes are hooked.

By *Jinkies* Scooby, you are the mystery!

Why do the dotes find you so mesmerising?! Why do even us aunties get sucked into wanting to know who is beneath the mask? (And how come more of the recently made episodes seem to have villains who are actually supernatural, and Fred much more capable of planning a good trap than I remember?)


The dotes simply love Scooby. Love to see him get into and out of adventures.  Lil GN likes a good scary monster, so the never ending carousel of villains gives his imagination something to work with.  Lil D likes to take it all in, examine the plot and question for loopholes.  Lil C laughs as Scooby and Shaggy run away.  There’s something for them all.

And us, well, it’s Scooby.(Shrugs shoulders).  We’d kinda love it if the dotes adopted a few Scooby phrases…and we would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those…etc, etc

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