The Wee Dotes Top 5 in August

{The Game}

Some people call them Cootie Catchers – we’ve always called them fortune tellers. In either case they’ve had a mini-revival in our house this summer.  It started out as a study tool but has turned into a much-loved game for both Lil D and Lil GN. So much so that a giant fortune teller was commissioned (and constructed). Multiple operators required!Giant Fortune Teller

{The Song}

I cannot hear anything but “The party’s underwear” now. (And howls of wee dotes laughter)

{The Book}

Everything is awesome

Emmet’s Guide to Being Awesome.  Lil GN has been following Emmet’s guide step by step. His morning routine is as Emmet starts his. Minus this bit ⇓


{The Movie}

Paddington – A surprising success in our house.  It drew all three dotes in and had them recounting it to their parents.  Not too girlie for Lil GN (Dr Who was in it) not too boyish for the girls.  The story of another animal skin craving villain with the lovely Lord Grantham and a marmalade loving bear. {4 🍮}

{The Moment}

When Lil D squeezed me tightly on being presented with a big pile of magnetic letters, flashcards and a white board to practice spelling.  “You didn’t have to do that”, she said, earnestly.  Does she not know by now we’d do anything to make life easier for her? *Heart swell*

Not bad, August, not bad (^-^)

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