August Book Club

Ever after highEver After High – Once Upon a Time

Author: Shannon Hale

This is a collection of short stories introducing the characters of Ever After High. Some are simply the first chapter in the already published books in the series, and some are brand new.  Having never read the books these short introductions have really piqued my interest in the full length stories.

Ever After High is a boarding school for the children of fairy tale characters.  These kids are not only expected to follow in the footsteps of their famed parent, they have to agree to take their parent’s exact spot in the fairy tale.  Harsh for the likes of Ashlynn Ella, who in order to take her mother’ s place in the story, will have to lose Cinderella, gain a Wicked Stepmother and some Ugly Sisters.  And difficult for Dexter Charming, who is set to inherit one of many roles given to Prince Charming, despite not really being all that heroic or Charming, unlike his impressively large family.

The humour and the twists on both fairy tales and modern-day life (MirrorPad remind you of anything) make these really enjoyable little adventures.  Clearly, the story doesn’t end for the characters on the last page, and you are being encouraged to read the full books, but they have enough in them to spark a fairytale friendly imagination.


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