It’s always Tea Time @ Galgorm Resort & Spa

Tea and cake. Such a lovely way to spend the afternoon.

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of their Conservatory, the Galgorm Resort and Spa added Alice to their afternoon tea menu.  For one week only.  Irresistible to a life long Alice fan like Lil GN &C’s Mommy.

We squealed with excitement as we entered the conservatory.  Met by an impressive Mad Hatters cake by Madame Cocoa our expectations for the day were met and then some.

The attention to detail thrilled us.  Hats and playing cards decorated the room.  Drink me bottles of pink lemonade were poured as we sat down at the best table in the house.  Even our napkin ring held a curious riddle.  Happily we perused the menu.

Caterpillar soup, chess board sandwiches, rosewater scones, the white rabbit carrot cake.  Oh so many wonders.  Colourful and playfully named.  Someone in the kitchen had a lot of fun with this.

Our highlight may have been the Caterpillar soup.  The Pocket Watch shortbread an unassuming favourite.  The splendor of an afternoon tea can sometimes lead to disappointments when the treats look better than they taste but all in all we found fun flavours to be sampled in everything. The scones in particular were full of surprising flavours ~ two came home to be shared with Papa, our resident scone connoisseur.  He’ll be playing the taste test game later to try to guess the flavours (^-^)

Truly it’s hard to come away from an afternoon tea dissatisfied.  It’s a treat and an experience rolled into one.  Theme it and you’re onto a winner in our book.  Mommy B wants an Alice birthday for herself and Lil C now. I, on the other hand, can barely type as my sugar crash sets in. A nice nap would be lovely right now.  Purrrrr. 🐱

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