Table Manners.  There’s always room for improvement, right?

Last summer Eims trained Lil GN and Lil C to ask for permission to leave the table.  Wonderful except… it only works when Eims is present at the table. They eat and run – there’s play to be had. Lil D, on the other hand has always eaten with us round the table and loves to linger.  Her homework this week was to learn to eat like a princess.  A toothless 7 year old with the healthy appetite of a growing girl and the chew of a velociraptor.  D-Mama had had enough.

Enter the piggies.  A visual reminder for our dote that chewing with our mouths closed is the socially accepted convention.  Any infringements to be met with a piggy.

The original idea comes from this lovely site ⇒ inspiredbyfamilymag.com and it even provides a printable of the supercute piggies.

PiggiesIn our house one piggy calls on our dote to concentrate.  This is her warning piggy.

Two piggies will result in our dote doing her own dishes and putting Papa out of a job.

Three piggies are too diabolical to entertain. Our poor wee dote will get no dessert.

Placed in a glass on the table in front of Lil D, her first words were “That’s a good reminder for me.” as she daintily chewed on her first mouthful.

Subsequent meals saw us all watch each others chewing action with great care, as awarding a piggy to a grown up is even more exciting.

Who's pigging out?So far so good.  Lil D responds well to rules that apply to everyone and not just her. Simply having the pigs on the table were attention grabbing enough to make her try to have good manners. And sure isn’t that half the battle?

She even brought the piggies up with her cousins when we visited for a tea party.  Lil GN may have taken it the wrong way though – he went out of his way to collect as many piggies as he could. Boys, eh?

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