Independent play

One of the (many) things we wanted to work on this week with Lil D was independent play.

Oh yeah, it’s *Challenge time*!

Lil D, your mission, should you choose to accept it is to complete a special project all by yourself. 

Setting her up with an arts n’ crafts project seemed an easy entry into solo play but knowing our wee dote, pleas for help were to be expected. Incentive needed.

A quick look to the interweb and ideas began to form.  Sweeties.

Morning of – the scene is set.

“Lil D we want you to complete this project all by yourself.  Choose 5 sweeties that you can have after you’ve worked for 15 minutes.”  Interest piqued. “But will you help me?” she asks.  “Well I can, but you’ll have to give me one of your sweeties.”   Wait for that concept to land. “Even if I asked you to do only a little bit?” “Fraid so.” “Oh.”

As she begins, a few more queries as to what would constitute help come up to which the answer is always “I’d have to take a sweet though.” 15 minutes later she’s managed to resist getting help.  She savours her reward.

Some hours later we pick up the project again.  15 minutes was never going to be enough to complete something as grandly named as her Special Project. This time sweeties were not needed.  Gentle assurance that completing a task all by herself would fill her (and us) with pride was almost enough.  The other factor was the annoying half done project in the corner.

Hero Bunny

Hero Bunny

So another 40 minutes were dedicated to the task, praise liberally applied (dotes love praise) and she feels like a hero!

Presenting it to Eims on her return revealed her true feelings.  “I made it all by myself!” she squeals.

Pride is a wonderful thing.

As the glow of achievement begins to settle we ask what tomorrow’s special project should be, another arts n’ craft or something completely different.  “What would the completely different project be?” “I don’t know yet. ” “Hmm, maybe just make another bunny in case I don’t like the other project” Hee, I think she’s getting used to the idea of Special Projects. TBC.

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