The grilled cheese sandwich shop

Watching a marathon of Triple D (Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) on Food Network produced a light bulbūüí°moment recently…

…cheese toasties are almost universally loved.¬† In our house Papa can’t resist a cheese and ham toastie, and the wee dotes are rapidly following in his footsteps, expecting that a trip to the shopping centre will also include a stop for a toastie!

So… what NI needs is a cheese toastie cafe! We’re telling you it would be an instant success.

But it’s going to take research first.¬† The bread, the cheese, the accompaniments, the mode of cooking will all need to be meticulously researched.¬† The internet is giving some good starting points (always white bread, a good meltable cheese), mostly American.¬† One particularly appealing¬† recipe is for a Mac n’ Cheese toastie (grilled cheese sandwich)…

A panini press has been ordered. A trial run of tuna and cheese proved there’s work to be done in finding the right balance. A notebook of possible recipes is rapidly being filled.

I forsee much cheese consumption in our future.

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