It started with a simple decision. One new book a month for the dotes to enjoy.


Once we started was it ever going to be one a month? and was it really just for the dotes to enjoy?

Since our April Book Club debut I’ve found myself falling further and farther down the children’s literature rabbithole.  Eims was never unconvinced, waiting patiently all these years for the Obernewtyn series to come to an end. I, on the other hand, remember myself at 9 loving the Little Vampire but haven’t really looked back since.  Until now.

I’m beginning to believe I could really get into children’s books.  I’m not talking YA, I’m talking picture books and early readers with illustrations that make you squeal in delight.

And there are so many!

Before, we were stumped on what to get the dotes to read.  We had no idea what was good, what was right for their age group and whether they’d find our choices interesting.  It made for a sadly limited library that didn’t reflect our love of books. One simple decision later and all becomes bright.

Beautiful review blogs such as the Mudwaffler, The Book Sniffer, PictureBooksBlogger give purchase inspiration. One book loved leads to authors and illustrators to follow. The Guardian Children’s Book site  gives regular updates of the latest releases.

But the best bit is opening a new shipment and congratulating yourself on such good choices. Oh and then reading it to a dote.

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